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Hello everyone, I am 23 years old and a Physical Education. I graduated from SUNY CORTLAND upstate New York. I am currently getting my masters in HPER at Emporia State University in Kansas.I currently work at Malverne High School as a leave replacement for physical education. I also teach 1 health and physical education class at the middle school for their district. I love volleyball and I am very competitive. I like challenges and being pushed to my limits. I've done some amazing DVD workouts such as Insanity and Insanity Asylum and P90X2. They can change your physical appearance tremendously. Your results are based on what you give in, how much you will push yourself, how much pain you can take and keep pushing knowing it will only benefit you. How much sweat are you willing to sweat? I believe that every person in this world can make a difference in a positive way, my way is by teaching. This blog is mainly from my undergraduate degree but I tend to add more post as I continue my career.

December 6, 2012

Loss Reflection

Riding our small trick bikes and playing volleyball at the beach all seemed like yesterday. These are my last recollections of Christopher J. Fox. We had some great times together, but would not have considered each other to be best friends if we hadn’t hung out together on a normal basis. When someone you know has passed away, you still are affected by them and are saddened by their passing. Christopher Fox was a very popular student at Lindenhurst High School. He was a good-looking boy who always had a smile on his face. He was a great person, and the girls adored him. Like me he was short, and we were known for being of the shortest in our grade. We always got along great and spent much of our high school days together sharing some great laughs. 
            On July 13th, 2009, approximately two weeks after our senior year graduation, Christopher Fox passed away because of drinking and driving. He was on his way home with a few friends after a great beach day. The day involved lots of fun, but resulted in poor decisions of drinking. On his way home, his 1993 Volvo swerved off the road and crashed into a sand dune, which caused his car to flip over. Fox was not wearing a seat belt and therefore he was ejected from the car. The other passengers all suffered minor injuries, but Fox took the most of it. His wonderful life was stripped of him in the matter of seconds.
            All of Lindenhurst was shocked and deeply affected by this tragedy. Many individuals and family members had lost a loved one because of that one split decision to irresponsibly drive home intoxicated. One thing that was very upsetting to discover; was that a friend had taken his keys from him because she knew he was incapable of driving, but one of the passengers in the car had gotten the keys back from the girl. They ended up leaving when she had been trying to prevent something like this from happening. The irony about this accident is that Lindenhurst High School, year after year, holds a drunk driving seminar called “Shattered Dreams.” This program has some senior students from the school participate in a fake drunk driving situation. It starts off by all the students attending a mock party, acting as if they were undergoing the affects of drinking. The house party has music blasting, students drinking and playing all sorts of games, not expecting anything bad to happen. As the party is winding down and a few students begin to leave the party and drive home tragedy strikes resulting in a drunk driving incident. Here is where the seminar is taken outside into our parking lot and is acted out. All the juniors and seniors were watching this event take place before their eyes. The great acting helped in this assembly to show the crashed cars, the people injured, and the victims who end up “dying” from the crash. Everyone was silently fixated just listening to the actors screaming for help and hysterically crying. Loud ambulances sped into the parking lot to do their job of aiding to the injured, while disposing of the dead person. The cops had come to put the driver in handcuffs and take him away. After this scene, another video was shown at the funeral home. Here Chris’ friends had an opportunity to recite speeches they wrote about/to Christopher.  Sadly, Christopher Fox had seen this assembly two times, and yet ironically enough the poor choice was still made by him to get behind the wheel of his Volvo, which unfortunately resulted in his death.
            A beautiful memorial was made at the site of his crash on the road of the beach. Still to this day, friends and family slow down to see it and remember Christopher J Fox. This memorial is a reminder to all to drive slowly and to not drive after the consumption of alcohol. His death has definitively prevented plenty of his friends from making the same mistakes, but it took his life to save others. If you ever said to yourself, “it will never happen to me,” please think again. R.I.P.

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