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Hello everyone, I am 23 years old and a Physical Education. I graduated from SUNY CORTLAND upstate New York. I am currently getting my masters in HPER at Emporia State University in Kansas.I currently work at Malverne High School as a leave replacement for physical education. I also teach 1 health and physical education class at the middle school for their district. I love volleyball and I am very competitive. I like challenges and being pushed to my limits. I've done some amazing DVD workouts such as Insanity and Insanity Asylum and P90X2. They can change your physical appearance tremendously. Your results are based on what you give in, how much you will push yourself, how much pain you can take and keep pushing knowing it will only benefit you. How much sweat are you willing to sweat? I believe that every person in this world can make a difference in a positive way, my way is by teaching. This blog is mainly from my undergraduate degree but I tend to add more post as I continue my career.

April 29, 2012


Have you ever been on a team that was called a "Dynasty."  A dynasty in sports is usually three championships in a row. If you recall, the past two volleyball tournaments that I played in at SUNY Cortland,I have won. Once again, this past friday my team and I had captured another victory. This victory was like no other because we went undefeated the whole tournament. We played the same team once again in the finals this time. This tournament we were a lot more agressive, swinging harder and serving more jump serves. I personally served the best I ever had at any of the tournaments and even possible best I ever had in my life. My vein were filled with adrenaline because I wanted this win more than anything to start off my birthday weekend. Game point for the tournament I  jump served. The ball whizzed over the net and dropped down hard into the floor.. the team and I screamed ACE for the victory. We all jumped up and down like we were on a trampoline! There was no better feeling that I have felt in a while to win three tournaments in a row. The dynasty team has been made. Later that night I gave the shirt to my friend who came up to visit me for the weekend. He played in the tournament but his team was short in players so they lost in the semi finals. I had a the same shirt again from the previous tournament so I did mind giving up my shirt to my friend. The picture and the pride of winning meant more to me.

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